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All Systems Consulting and A Healing Way


All Systems Consulting (ASC) began in 1983 when  I made the change from Data Processing Manager to Computer Consultant by following some good advice from an IBM Account Manager.

Much has changed since then. Today, I offer Remote installation and activation of the CLASP32 software. I have a support team which is able to prepare your computer new or old to receive the software. I will have a webinar this month for those who would rather have an online walkthrough than come to my offices for a personal walkthrough.  I will be doing small webinars over time demonstrating some of the processes practitioners are asking for.

All  installations are being done from Budapest’s Home Office (BHO) website now. You may do your own download after creating a Login and Password and register yourself and your device. All the information is on their website to assist you.

Is Your Computer Not Your Friend?

If you want to have a patient Computer Consultant and fellow Biofeedback Owner to help you by doing the installation and activation remotely or in my office, this is the place to start.

It is my joy to help people get the most out of their computer and software packages. Do you need help getting the newest   version of the CLASP32 software from Budapest?  Is your computer ready for it?  Are you ready for it?

Contact me by email or phone.  The information is on this page.

Energy and Frequency Methods (AHW)

Over 16 years ago I started a second business: A Healing Way (AHW). I am a certified Reiki Teacher in the Usui School. My teacher learned from Mrs. Takata’s granddaughter who learned upward through her grandmother who learned from Dr. Usui.   I am also certified to teach Cranio-Sacral.   I My work has been influenced by healers from the Cree, the Skagit and the Hopi nations as well as a by good friend and Shaman who is trained in the Michael Harner Shamanic tradition. 

I have been using Stones and Crystals, tuning forks and toning for years. I use a pendulum for almost everything from energy sessions to identifying your past lives or where on or off earth you can from. I offer readings with Pendulum, Taro and Love & Destiny cards (they’re great fun and deeply illuminating).

My scope has broadened to include more methods. The addition of a Spiritual Health Coach license and becoming an ordained minister present the ability to address Spiritual issues and concerns. I perform life ceremonies such as “passing ceremonies”, “Hand-fasting or Marriage (however traditional or non-traditional the service). I’m pleased to be able to provide these services. 

What can Biofeedback do for you?

The SCIO/EPFX is a biofeedback device. The philosophy of biofeedback is to train you to reduce your stress and better manage your own pain.

By working with a professional Biofeedback Specialist you can learn to reduce stress and thereby you improve your overall sense of wellness and personal growth. 

Learn stress management !  You are in the Driver’s Seat.


What I do is a blending of right and left brain functions coming from the heart.  I believe education should be compassionate and patiently dispensed and my clients remark on my consistent patience and ability to walk with them as they find the answer to their questions. Whenever I can support spiritual growth and see spirits  become lighter I know my purpose is being fulfilled and I feel grateful.

It’s All About Energy

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