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Only One Lake Missoula Flood

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Art Resources—an Arts Directory - Arts Directory

R. B. Lester II

Exceptional Healer, teacher, Mentor and Friend

A Healing Place 

Visit Linda for Theta, Hand Drawn Astrology Reports, Reiki, and more….

Enhanced Healing

Dr. Henshaw has created music for relaxation, breath control, and stress reduction.

The Fey Dragon
A metaphysical supply and witchcraft store featuring many handcrafted items including ritual inks, chocolates, wooden anthames, and others.  Pagan clergy listing and recommended reading lists.

Free Reiki 4 Cancer

Kerri Draper is doing wonderful work for and about people dealing with cancer. I heartily recommend meeting this unique woman of service.

Kyani Excitement

Living By Heart

Alan's wonderful site full of good information and pictures of Light Bridges they have built with people, including me.  Check it out.

Marlene’s Market

Best organic grocery and excellent vitamin and herbal supplement sources. All staff members are highly educated for your good health. Go, have lunch and check it out.

Raven Croft Garden
The web garden home of Eagle Song and Sally King, two of my favorite local herbalists, who offer classes, herbal tours in the Northwest and herbal products, including the ingredients to make a fabulous root beer.

Seventh House

For great calendars with astrological, tarot and other information year by year


See Moon Phases, Calendars, World Calendar and more….

World Wide Words

Michael Quinion writes on international English from a British Viewpoint.

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J. A. Summers

Milton, WA

360-880-1750 PDT


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