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Check out some of my favorite DVD’s and Mp3’s.  Look further to see “computer room office supplies I’ve researched and suggest you have on hand in your offices—mobile or stationary.

Search & Buy From Amazon. Purchase anything  on this page or other items you are interested in . . .

USB/USB cable (spares) from  Don Heverlo $15.12. Use LIAHW for a discount when buying from Don . He also sells break-away Velcro harness units, Sanek strips, cleaning solutions, and many other useful things for the Biofeedback Practitioner.

* Buy a second Battery from  your computer manufacturer for laptops. Doing this extends the life of your batteries.

Leave the laptop on with it unplugged from AC power.

Let the battery discharge until it shuts off.

Plug it in and leave it turned off overnight or until the battery is completely re-charged.

Turn off the computer and remove the battery from it.

Mark it with the charged date and put it on a zip-lock bag or other clean and safe thing.

You can put it in your computer carry bag in case you need or want to just use battery only.

For everyday use with your laptop run it connected to AC power and with the battery removed.

It won't overheat,

It is lighter

Remember to save or have auto-saving turned on for any projects you are doing with the computer (like Microsoft Word documents).

Save often while using AC power because if you lose the power whatever file (FILE) you are working on will be lost too.

Not so for the CLASP32. You will not lose your clients if you lose power during a session.  *

Select one or all of the items below for around $150.00 complete to put into your office. Buy them from the AMAZON icon above and I will give a  $10.00 discount for the  1 month Biofeedback tune-up found on the Services page. I will help you organize.

5050 - Avery coding labels 0.5 in “Round”. $3.81

22011 - Avery Removable label pad 1x3 $3.98

37012 - Foil adhesive Stars. Colored. $4.81

30072 - Sharpie

Perm. Markers 12 for $6.39

Belkin Surge Master 6-outlet Wall-mount Protector. $11.71

Seagate 260 GB USB Backup System.  $68.98

SanDisk 8GB USB Flash Drive 2.0. $2.97

70863 Smead Expanding File.


GJ5070 Tops Designer Notebook 5.5 x 3.5. $11.28

Vivtar Alcohol & Ammonia Free LCD Cleaner Kit. $7.01


Max Professional Blow Off Duster Cleaner. $7.90

ThermaPak Laptop Cooling Heatshift Pad 17 inches. $22.80

60149 Kensington Lift-off Laptop Cooling stand. $14.99


37161 - 2 Sharpie Ultra Fine Perm. Markers. $2.82




* Have someone (me or others) check maximum RAM memory available on your computer and what you do have on your computer.

Memory can be purchased from  (a computer tech can run a diagnostic for which memory to buy). The install is easy and we can do it together over the phone. *

In working with you, we’ve often needed some basic computer room office supplies. I’ve created a grouping here of items I believe every computer user should have at hand. The Backup device is the most expensive of all the items and it is probably the most useful to save your information into another device. That way, if your computer fails you will have all your files and information available to put onto another computer. There are many ways this device is useful.


I’ve listed two heat reducing items for laptops. One is a cooler which disperses the heat without taking up one of your USB devices. The other also doesn’t need a USB device and is a “Lifter” allowing air to flow through and also slants the computer to an angle of your choice.


Look at these items and order any you don’t have already. Use the Amazon “Widget” to the right of the screen to search and select the items you need. Anything you want to purchase from Amazon can be purchased right here from this website.